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Benefits of Solar DC Microgrid.

The DC microgrid is the future of power distribution. With the rural population demanding more access to electricity, this is the most efficient and feasible option. In this article, we discuss the major advantages of it.

  1. Cost

Since setting up of a grid-connected sub-system is pretty costly for a remote location – it involves heavy equipment cost for setting up a sub-station including transformers – setting up a smaller Solar DC microgrid makes more financial sense.

Furthermore, for a small microgrid, the transmission losses are higher for an AC system as compared to a DC system.



  1. Reliability

A small DC microgrid is far more reliable than a dependency on a centralized grid. This is primarily due to distributed nature of generation. With distributed sources of power, the operation of one generation system is independent of the failure of another.

dc microgrid reliable

  1. Scalability

DC microgrids are very easily scalable as compared to AC microgrids. This is primarily due to the absence of limiting equipment like transformers and relays, that are size specific and need to be replaced once the consumer base increases.

dc-micro-grid scalability

  1. Efficiency

DC microgrids are comparatively more efficient due to the use of energy efficient DC appliances like BLDC motors instead of induction motors, in household appliances. They result in lower investment requirement on the generation side.

These are just four such positives mentioned here. There are plenty more advantages that could be added. With growing demand, this is the most sustainable solution for the future.